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Mare Agistment

Both permanent and seasonal agistment is available with BHIMA having post and rail fencing and high quality irrigated pastures as well as native un-improved paddocks.

Having a combination of river flats and hill country, allow us to find the right paddock for your mare.

Soil samples and nutritional assessments are carried out and monitored by Prydes which allows us, at BHIMA, to determine the most efficient and nutritionally sound feeding regime for your mares.

Pregnant mares are especially monitored with their feeding/nutrition so as to keep them at an optimum level of fitness and capable of enduring labour and raising a foal.


Mares Under Lights

Having a large barn and several covered yards mean that we at BHIMA are able to provide you with the additional choice of having your mares under lights.  We have found putting Mares Under Lights to be a successful and cost effective way to increase the chances of gaining an early-season covering and  consequent pregnancy in our dry mares.  If you are unsure if this is the correct option for your mare, CONTACT US  to speak to Mike Fleming.



Given our close proximity to so many Thoroughbred Studs including Darley, Arrowfield, Vinery, Coolmore, Emirates Park etc, we have the opportunity to provide your mares with the ability to “Walk-out” to Stallions in the area.  Being able to get your mare to the Stallion for timely covering increases our chances of getting your mare pregnant the first time.


Vet Work

With access to some of the countries (if not the world’s) best veterinarian’s, you can rest assured your bloodstock will receive the best veterinarian care. We are continually striving to find the best vets to be working on your bloodstock.   During the breeding season, we will have vets on the farm daily to monitor your mares cycling and breeding needs.  The management and staff at BHIMA are then able to ensure the accurate timing and promptness of stallion covering for your mare.  As well as having your dry Mare Under Lights and our ability to Walk Out to your choice of hundreds of stallions, our Vet Work allows us to give your mare the very best breeding opportunity.



Our experienced Night-Watch Staff are attentive, diligent and experienced with all facets of the pre and post natal care of your mares and newborn foals. With 24-hour surveillance of our mares that are ready to foal, and a World-Class Equine Hospital on call, you know your Mares and Foals are receiving the utmost care and attention.

We have large paddocks close to the foaling unit for supervision of our mares that are nearing their foaling date.  Once they are close to foaling, they are moved into smaller paddocks overnight with large floodlights and are under constant surveillance.  All mares are separated to foal down in one of several yards.

We then slowly increase the size of the yard/paddock in which the mare and foal are kept in until the foals legs are strong enough for the pair to be introduced back into normal farm life.


Foal Handling/Weaning

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Sales Preparation

Whether you have one Broodmare or several Yearlings you want to sell, BHIMA has the experienced Staff and Management to not only prepare your horses for Auction, but gain the widespread exposure needed to sell your bloodstock.

All yearlings in a Sales Preparation are hand-walked and groomed daily and each horses diet is personalised to maximise body and coat condition.

We advertise on the relevant Bloodstock websites and in several magazines to maximise the exposure of your horse/s.  Our SALES PAGE is also a valuable part of the advertising process.

Going to all major Australian Sales, BHIMA is the perfect farm to prepare your sale horses.

We take the time to discuss with you each individual horse and help you to choose the right sale to send your horse/s, endeavouring to maximise your Sale price.